Yinxiang City
Construct Quality Houses for Common People

Yinxiang city is only 6 kilometers away from Beibei with drive range less than 10min. It reflects the sense of social responsibility and concept of people first held by Chongqing Xinxiang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. In order to construct quality houses for common people, Yinxiang will create a comprehensive dynamic living center where people can live a prosperous and contented life.
The project occupies an area of 11,000 mu with total building area of 5 million m2 and total investment of 10 billion yuan. The project consists of 5 major sections, namely central dwelling zone, hotspring and leisure zone, commerce-trade-life zone, advanced industrial and demonstration base, and high-tech industrial cluster. The planned supporting facilities include star hotels, 5A offices for headquarters base, Hot Springs Park, schools, hospitals, walking street, business center and so on. [More]

Yinxiang Jade Valley
High-quality Humanistic Community

With the total investment of about 2 billion yuan, the project, Jade Valley located in Tea Garden Area occupies an area of more than 300 mu, enjoys total building area of 500 thousand m2, and emphasizes concept of eco design. With increasingly mature and comprehensive regional environment, transportation, and living facilities, the city is marching towards urban sub-center with glory. In the future, it will translate into the combination of administrative center, business center, financial center, and cultural center. At that time, a new center gathering all bustling and flourishing elements will be formed. Yinxiang Jade Valley invested by Chongqing Xinxiang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and developed by Fanrong Property will become the biggest beneficiary enjoying the mature urban supporting facilities in Tea Garden Area.
Based on natural graded slopes, Jade Valley infuse pure Tuscany Exotic style into the building and perfectly integrates 5+1 villa and nature. Jade Valley is characterized by emphasized humanity, art tasting, nature returning, and true quality. The original vegetation, trees, and plots are preserved; and natural ecological slopes and valleys are respected; [More]

Create dreams for city with open mind

With the registered capital of 300 million yuan, Chongqing Xinxiang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. is one subsidiary wholly owned by Chongqing Yinxiang Industrial Group Co., Ltd. to specialize in the development and operation of real estates and reserves national second-grade real estate development qualification.
With the operation concept as “create dreams for city, compose music for buildings, and endow life to buildings with open mind”, Yinxiang Property is committed to investment planning, development and construction, business operations management and property services with rich experience in the development and operation of common residences, office buildings, high-rise apartments, garden houses, villas, integrated commerce and large urban complexes, industrial parks, and other types of properties. [More]

Promote regional development with multiple business types and forms

Since the commitment to real estate development in 1998, Yinxiang Property has undergone hardship, development, growth, and innovation, increased the registered capitals from 8 million yuan and 300 million yuan, and expanded the scale from original project less than 100,000m2 to current 5,000,000 m2, and witnessed its earthshaking development with the lapse of time.

Yinxiang • Jin Xianglin Residential Area
Urban Landscape Garden

Jin Xianglin Residential Area located at Lianglu Industrial Park in Yubei District, Chongqing with total investment of 600 million yuan, floor area of 200mu, 2.5 plot ratio, 35% greening rate, and total building area of 246,932 m2.[More]

Yinxiang • Xianghai Yi
Humanistic Urban Courtyard

The project situated close to Konggang Road enjoys a total investment of about 400 million yuan, a floor area of 73,963 m2 (about 110.94 mu), total construction area of 170,191.93 m2, 48.26% greening rate, 2.13 plot ratio, 543 parking lots, 1,498 design households, and about 5,100 resident population.The housing estate combines point building, emphasizes design thought of “people first”, coordinates the relationship between humans and architecture, environment, transportation as well as human[More]

Yinxiang• Jinyu
Shuangshan Garden Villa

The project is magnificently situated at the core of Jiulongpo District, Xicheng Area, and Dadukou District with total investment of about one billion yuan. Yinyu- Joy Forest is a villa area on the mountain top rare to see in Xicheng Chongqing.[More]