Yinxiang • Xianghai Yi
Humanistic Urban Courtyard

The project situated close to Konggang Road enjoys a total investment of about 400 million yuan, a floor area of 73,963 m2 (about 110.94 mu), total construction area of 170,191.93 m2, 48.26% greening rate, 2.13 plot ratio, 543 parking lots, 1,498 design households, and about 5,100 resident population.  

The housing estate combines point building, emphasizes design thought of “people first”, coordinates the relationship between humans and architecture, environment, transportation as well as human, forms courtyard pattern with changing sceneries with moving steps and twisted paths through twilight shades, and provides residential effects of large scale, landscape, and horizon. In this community, 11-storey, 16-storey, 17-storey and 18-storey villas equipped with elevators distinguish in Konggang Park, and the well-organized architectures of different heights translate into changing skylines. 

The community is equipped with multiple noble leisure and sports facilities, exotic square, club, swimming pool, badminton court, kindergarten and fitness facilities suitable for groups at various ages to ensure everyone has access to suitable places for fitness. 

Yubei District is the center and direction of future urban development. With the construction of Light Rail III and Aviation City, the development prospects of the region and the value-added potentials of the project will be greatly improved.