Yinxiang• Jinyu
Shuangshan Garden Villa

The project is magnificently situated at the core of Jiulongpo District, Xicheng Area, and Dadukou District with total investment of about one billion yuan. Yinyu- Joy Forest is a villa area on the mountain top rare to see in Xicheng Chongqing. Only 1km away from Huayan Temple Interchange and Inter Ring Expressway, Light Rail II and multiple bus routes pass through. Under such premise, the accessible areas can be immediately equipped with abundant living facilities, including entertainment, catering, shopping, leisure, and education, making resident able to admire outdoor prosperities and enjoy indoor tranquility. 

The unique Shuangshan Park characteristic of urban garden, wooded mountain, and beautiful lakeside is Xicheng First Villa Area constructed by Yinyu Group with concerted efforts. On the top of 600m Shuangshan Mountain, the residential area of 18.3 km2 enjoys 70,000㎡natural forest and about 25,000㎡natural lake. Such abundant and three-dimensional sceneries, including mountain, forest, lake, and moor are not only conducive to landscape effects but also indispensable for top elite houses from living prospective. By virtue of this advantage, Jinyu Joy Forest can ascend to the rank of elite mountaintop villas. 

Jinyu Joy Forest within the park is rooted in classic style of North America Villa. Masters of building from North America are invited and globally top design institution is employed to reproduce the classic, noble and vigorous style of North America Villa. For rarity, such inherited classic can only be exclusively enjoyed by elites.