Promote regional development with multiple business types and forms

Since the commitment to real estate development in 1998, Yinxiang Property has undergone hardship, development, growth, and innovation, increased the registered capitals from 8 million yuan and 300 million yuan, and expanded the scale from original project less than 100,000m2 to current 5,000,000 m2, and witnessed its earthshaking development with the lapse of time. Starting from original development of housing property, Yinxiang Property has gradually set foot in many property areas, including office buildings, commercial and trading complex, industrial real estate, tourism and real estate and other forms. 

The market expansion of Yinxiang Property will inevitably change regional urban appearance and trigger regional development. In 2009, after the discussion between corporate leaders, Yinxiang Property made clear-cut decision to heavily invest Sanhe Village of Tuchang Town between Beibei and Hechuan, successively acquired land of more than 11,000mu, planned and constructed 5 major sections, namely central dwelling zone, hotspring and leisure zone, commerce-trade-life zone, advanced industrial and demonstration base, and high-tech industrial cluster. From one deserted land to initially shaped Yinxiang City, Yinxiang Proper has won recognition and praises from more than 3,000 owners at earlier stage, brought education, business, entertainment and other large facilities, improved and upgraded regional economy and education, and witnessed the process where real estate can change life and promote regional construction.