Yinxiang City
Construct Quality Houses for Common People
Yinxiang city is only 6 kilometers away from Beibei with drive range less than 10min. It reflects the sense of social responsibility and concept of people first held by Chongqing Xinxiang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. In order to construct quality houses for common people, Yinxiang will create a comprehensive dynamic living center where people can live a prosperous and contented life. 
The project occupies an area of 11,000 mu with total building area of 5 million m2 and total investment of 10 billion yuan. The project consists of 5 major sections, namely central dwelling zone, hotspring and leisure zone, commerce-trade-life zone, advanced industrial and demonstration base, and high-tech industrial cluster. The planned supporting facilities include star hotels, 5A offices for headquarters base, Hot Springs Park, schools, hospitals, walking street, business center and so on. 
On the strength of the parent enterprise, Yinxiang Group (Top 50 Chongqing Industry), the project abandons the traditional concept of real estate development, adopts a regional development mode of high tech industry and tourism-property combined development, deems Baic Yinxiang Automobile Park Zone with annual output of 400 thousand vehicles as dynamic of regional economic development, and creates affordable hotspring amusement park of about 4,000 mu for the creation of one comprehensive living city with residential, commercial, entertainment and leisure characteristics. After project completion, the city will accommodate 70 thousand industrial population, 90 thousand relevant population, and millions of tourists and consumers and become the largest travelling, residential, commercial and trading center.