Focus on the establishment of Baic Southwest Base and export platform.

Baic Southwest Base (Baic Yinxiang) was established in August 2010 and situated in Baic Yinxiang Automobile Industrial Park in Tuchang Town, Hechuan District, Chongqing, covering an area of more than 2,000 mu. It is an automobile enterprise constituted by one of national top 5 automobile groups[More]

With three mature technological and manufacturing systems, Baic Yinxiang achieved an output of
500 thousand automobiles in 2015 and will integrate superior supporting resources and create Baic Yinxiang Motown.

Products development of Baic Yinxiang have thrived on the basis of the patent technology platform acquired from Swedish Saab by Baic Group and on the strength of the mature technology and manufacturing system of battery, motor and vehicle control system for Baic new energy products.[More]

What is taken from the people is used in the interests of the people;
Development Path of Baic Yinxiang.

Against changing era full of growing enterprises, Baic Yinxiang values talents keeping pace with the times. Baic Yinxiang employs technical talents with the mission to make contributions to the society and motherland[More]