With three mature technological and manufacturing systems, Baic Yinxiang achieved an output of
500 thousand automobiles in 2015 and will integrate superior supporting resources and create Baic Yinxiang Motown.

Products development of Baic Yinxiang have thrived on the basis of the patent technology platform acquired from Swedish Saab by Baic Group and on the strength of the mature technology and manufacturing system of battery, motor and vehicle control system for Baic new energy products. Its product lines include MPV, SUV and other multi-purpose passenger automobiles, minibus, mini-truck, and other crossover passenger automobiles, light truck, light car, and other commercial vehicles, CNG, vans, chill car, and other modified automobiles, as well as the new energy types derived from the aforesaid types. In 2015, Baic Yinxiang realized annual output of about 500 thousand and excellent sales of about 70 thousand. 

The grand strategy of Baic Yinxiang is to integrate superior supporting resources and create Baic Yinxiang Motown based on Baic Yinxiang. Under this strategy, Baic Yinxiang is committed to creating Hechuan Auto-Motor Feature Industrial Park and create automobile industrial platform. Baic Yinxiang has established strategic cooperative relationship with domestic and international renowned enterprises. With the formation of industrial chain, an intensive and specialized automobile base will come into existence, inevitably pushing Chongqing automobile industry to a new stage.