Middle School in Universities, University in Middle Schools.

As “Middle School in Universities, University in Middle Schools”, Affiliated Middle School of Southwestern University adheres to the motto of “Cultivate Human, Renovate Citizen”, sticks to noteworthy and independent education pursuit, run school with pragmatism and sincerity, exploits more space for the implementation of education for all-around development, winning favorable social reputations.[More]

Be in line with national practice, and introduce advanced education philosophy; Create good education environment, and equip modernized education facilities.

Yinxiang Experimental Middle School under Southwestern University is rooted in the schooling philosophy and education context and develops youngster with four virtues, namely lofty ideals, modern personality, humanistic connotation, and leading traits. [More]

The seven advantages can support each student enter ideal colleges and fulfill dreams.

Tranquility: tranquil environment
In the verdant schoolyard, trees make a pleasant shade, birds sing, and flowers give forth their fragrance; in
modern building, you can feel rhythmic vitality and far-reaching conception.