The seven advantages can support each student enter ideal colleges and fulfill dreams.
Tranquility: tranquil environment 
In the verdant schoolyard, trees make a pleasant shade, birds sing, and flowers give forth their fragrance; in
modern building, you can feel rhythmic vitality and far-reaching conception. 

Excellence: excellent teachers 
Teaching resources comes from the parent school, and the municipally leading school is equipped with first-class facilities and course consultants. 

Perfection: perfect courses 
On the basis of full implementation of national curriculum, the school sets up diversified elective courses, practice courses, interest classes

Small: small classes
Each class holds 45 students at most, and realizes elite teaching. 

Comprehensive: full boarding
All the students board at the quadruple room. Closed-off management is adopted.

Unique: unique characteristics
Science experiment, science and technological innovation, English, calligraphy, Chinese culture, labor skills, etc.

Specific: specific levels
In accordance with different requirements of all students, the school effectively arranges and implements layered curriculum.