Be in line with national practice, and introduce advanced education philosophy; Create good education environment, and equip modernized education facilities.

Yinxiang Experimental Middle School under Southwestern University is rooted in the schooling philosophy and education context and develops youngster with four virtues, namely lofty ideals, modern personality, humanistic connotation, and leading traits. With the floor space of more than 200mu (including more than 50mu cultivating land for students), the school is equipped with nationally advanced facilities, and its near-term target is to build a municipally leading private school with distinguished characteristics, good teaching quality, and first-rate social benefits. With consistent philosophy, teachers, education, teaching, and management of Affiliated Middle School of Southwestern University, Yinxiang School implements microteaching and pays attention to the connection of connection between middle school and senior school to build solid foundation for the academic performance in senior school; provides a variety of courses and values the cultivation of strong points to create potentials for the entrance into first-rate universities; expands space and extends time for education through full-closed boarding management; implements standard and systematic living education, cultivates children's self-care ability, and enhances children's team consciousness to develop healthy, happy, independent, and caring person.