Corporate Vision

Achieve harmonious intelligent workmanship and comfortable riding experience with focus on industry;Create harmonious and beautiful life with care for people. 
QQ截图20160727165551.jpgFor past 19 years, Yinxiang Group leading and thriving based on industry has comprehensively planned and advanced coexistent development of multiple industries and created a diversified, stable, and sound business conglomerate. Meanwhile, the corporate vision that humans and the nature coexist is ultimately realized through the staff’s aspiration for professional innovation, fundamental adherence to people-oriented contribution, and closely-knit combination of strong allies.  

Yinxiang staff will stick to the corporate spirits of “innovation, integrity, rigorism, and excellence” and add another chapter for glorious tomorrow. We wish to carry aspiration for dynamism and create brilliance with you in the future.



Yinxiang Value

Yinxiang core concept of development: integrity, innovation, profession, and sharing.
 “Create quality life” is the corporate mission of Yinxiang Group. Yinxiang supposes that "quality life" must be established on four core concepts, namely integrity, innovation, profession, and sharing.fdbb70d88937090e9f364f4f1da9b0bd.jpg
Integrity is the promise delivered to all staff and the society by Yinxiang who requires Yinxiang talents to cultivate credibility trusted by the enterprise, colleagues, and society, which represents the brand perception of Yinxiang. 
Innovation is the development kernel and ideological basis. “Keep pace with the times, open up a new way” should be corporately and individually cultivated values as well as the core concept for the groundbreaking development of brands and products. 
Profession signifies the focus on people orientation and the equivalence of enterprises and talents.  
Every Yinxiang member should be equipped with professional techniques and rich experiences to guarantee the great improvement of products, services, management, and brand.
Sharing indicates Yinxiang’s pursuit of openness and harmony, advocacy of human interexchange and communication, as well as common enjoyment of new cognition, thought, fun, and working mode. Through corporate harmonious development, a diversified and stable group enterprise can be built.

In terms of development layout, Yinxiang Group distributes national
businesses and emphasizes overseas market with foothold on Chongqing.

Rooted in Chongqing City, Yinxiang looks beyond the seas; starting from Southeast Asia, Yinxiang marches to the world. Yinxiang has successfully settled in Southeast Asian region and set up branches and factories, including Vietnam, Laos, Burma, Indonesia and others. At present, Yinxiang, with the focus on the markets of in Southeast Asian, has expanded its presence in the Middle East, Western Europe, South America, Africa, Russia, North America, Canada, Australia and other countries to gradually fulfill global strategic objectives.