Bisu Automobile is middle-end and high-end passenger vehicle range and is
expected to surpass 15 billion in output value after one year subsequent to operation.

Chongqing Bisu Automobile Co., Ltd is established on April 28, 2015 with Phase I covering an area of 550 mu and building area of 250 thousand m2. With initial investment as 2.5 billion RMB, Bisu Automobile includes stamping, welding, coating, assembly, engine and other modern vehicle production lines as well as dynamic performance detection lines, enjoys technological equipment integrating intelligence, information and flexibility, and reaches the advanced level of domestic joint-ventured automobile enterprises. In terms of research and development, Bisu Automobile enjoys automobile R&D center and engine R&D and manufacturing center and possess the capacity to develop, test, and assemble automobiles and engines as well as the capacity to process core parts; developed products are positioned as mid and high-grade cars, mid and high-grade MPV, mid and high-grade SUV, and other passenger vehicle ranges to create automobile of top quality; Bisu Automobile can realize production scale of 200 thousand automobiles and 250 thousand engines for mid and high-grade cars and annual output value of 15 billion yuan after formal operation.