Advanced processing technology is the basis for leading quality of Bisu automobiles.

[Welding]:plans two automated welding production lines, two assembly lines for white bodyworks, and one storage and transportation line. For the transportation between stations, roller beds, trolleys, and robots are utilized, and for the transportation between lines, EMS, lifts, fork trucks, and roller beds are applied. All fixtures should be controlled by electrical mode. 331 ABB robots and 2 Yaskawa robots are applied for welding, rolloff, arc welding, and the handling of parts. The robotic machines for spot welding, coating, stud wheeling, carbon-dioxide arc welding, and body repair are advanced equipment imported from Europe and the United States, ensuring the quality of welding and coating. At storage and transportation line, advanced plot-chain transportation is adopted, and the university of skates can satisfy the common use of multiple types. 

[Coating]: covering 35,522.21m2 building area, the coating workshop of Chongqing Bisu Automobile is 248 meters in length and 54 meters in width with two floors in general and three floors in particular. Under two shifts, the annual design capacity is 100 thousand vehicles, and the coating workshop is a flexible mixed-line production line catering to multiple types (including SUV, MPV, minivan and other types). 

[Final assembly]: interior skids (with lifting function) in final assembly workshop can be compared to those required by international automobile enterprises. The automatic ascending and descending height conforms to ergonomics, internal lifter is equipped with rigid chains, and is able to guarantee stable and reliable movement. 

Combined vacuum filling machine is a four-in-one type designed for the filling of designed for filling the automobile braking system, air conditioning system, anti-freezing liquid system, and window- washing liquid system. This equipment is mainly applied for mid and high-speed automobile assembly production line

The detection line adopts non-contact four-wheel aligner widely applied by international mainstream automobile enterprises to adjust the four-wheel parameters and simulates roads to inspect various indicators.