With corporate mission in mind and foothold in Chongqing, Yinxiang will march towards foreign market

“Provision of more reliable transport services for people of the world” is the corporate mission of Yinxiang. Therefore, Yinxiang prospectively marches towards foreign motor market with foothold in Chongqing, has set up branches and plants in areas, such as Burma, Laos, Vietnam and Indonesia, and has vigorously expanded Southeast Asian market. To accelerate the realization of international development goals, by virtue of strict management, powerful technology, widespread sales and services network, and quality brand strength, Yinxiang proactively implements global strategy and extends sales to countries in the Middle East, Western Europe, South America, Africa as well as North America, Canada, Australia and other countries. For past several years, the industrial export volume of Yinxiang has come out in front in the industry.