Theory of Work
Yinxiang values decisive quality, scientific communication, solidified cooperation, and sustainable innovation.

l  Decisive Quality: Yinxiang is a reliable team which values decisive quality which involves the training for staff, attitudes towards work, dominant professional technologies, and focus on product quality.

l  Scientific communication: communication equals production force. Yinxiang values effective communication and accurate expression, cultivates the staff’s concept of sound communication, and creates good working atmosphere where everybody can express their opinions about everything at any moment to improve work efficiency. 

l  Solidified Cooperation: solidarity can translate into fighting powers. Cohesion and competitiveness of enterprises can only be intensified through enhanced team awareness, exerted cooperation spirits, as well as mutual support and cooperation. 

l  Sustainable innovation: sustainable innovation is indispensable for enterprise survival. Yinxiang should create more values for the society with creative thoughts advancing with times. Innovation is necessary, but sustainable innovation is vital.